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Portland, Oregon

Carisa D. Brewster

Carisa D. Brewster is a lover of words and likes to be either writing them down or reading them in a book. Her experience includes news reporter/editor, science/medical writer, and web content creator. She enjoys hot drinks, Marvel movies, and anything written by Stephen King or L.M. Montgomery.


4 Braided Kids' Styles to Try for Back to School

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year. Back to School. Most parents have their lists: school supplies, clothes, shoes, jackets. But parents of children with coils, waves, and curls have to figure out “The Hair Plan.”. When August and September roll around, it gets hard to fit styling time into the family schedule.
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Woman Who Found a Leprosy Treatment Was Almost Lost to History

Alice Ball developed an injectable form of chaulmoogra oil, which was used for 20 years to treat Hansen’s disease, also known as leprosy.
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Respiratory Infection Patients Often Given Unnecessary Antibiotics

A large number of physicians are improperly prescribing antibiotics for patients diagnosed with both influenza and acute respiratory infections (ARI), which goes against clinical recommendations for antibiotic use, according to a recent study. ARIs, which can affect the upper and lower respiratory systems, can be caused by pharyngitis (sore throat), ear infections, common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchiolitis.
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Health Care Delivery Model Designed by CMS Improves Outcomes

“Patients face a system where care is fragmented across specialists and other providers and information doesn’t flow across providers,” co-author of the report, Deborah Peikes, PhD, Senior Fellow at the Mathmatica Policy Research Institute, told Physician's Money Digest. “It can be hard to get help with an urgent care problem from their primary care provider and patient preferences and goals are not always driving care.
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Alcoholic Cirrhosis Imposes Financial Burden on US Healthcare

Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is rising, with patients more likely to get diagnosed in the later stages of the disease. The result could eventually become higher healthcare costs in the US, according to a new study. Jessica Mellinger, MD, gastroenterologist and researcher at the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, told MD Magazine her team had recently been seeing more patients with advanced alcohol-related liver disease.
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Healthcare system website copy

Rewrote and edited copy for each Rockwood clinic location.
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Santa Clara University: Physics

Physics teaches you to be an expert problem solver, which will benefit you no matter what you do in life. Majoring in physics or engineering physics will give you an appreciation for many of nature's most interesting phenomona. And finally, the Department of Physics is just a great place to be at Santa Clara University.
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Cancer: Managing fatigue during treatment

If you’re feeling the fatigue that often accompanies cancer treatment, you probably know it’s nothing like ordinary tiredness that might simply fade with some extra sleep.
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Seeking sweet slumber

Is finding a good night’s sleep often a struggle?You’re certainly not alone. Roughly three-quarters of U.S. adults have trouble sleeping at least a few nights per week, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF).
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A Nurturing Nature

Treating cancer itself is vital— but how a person is treated when they have cancer is also important.
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The History of Black History Month

Black History Month celebrates the significant contributions that African-Americans have made to American society in the areas of art, music, science, sports and government. But I believe that remembering we made these strides despite the hardships of both slavery and systemic discrimination well into the 20th century is the core of Black History Month.
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What Keeps Black Moms from Breast Feeding?

Many of us know the benefits of breast-feeding; human milk is alive with antibodies from mom and many other components to protect baby from infection, and it also supports optimal growth. I knew the numbers for all women across the nation were low, but this tidbit surprised me: according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), black women have the lowest rates of breast-feeding among all ethnicities.
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Carisa D. Brewster

I have over 15 years experience as a writer and editor working for newspapers, magazines, and online publications, with a particular interest in science and medicine.



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